The Original Night Star Tip Up Light

Cased in an impact resistant durable poly-vinyl case, the high quality components that are manufactured in the USA are assembled by the professionals at The Original Night Star Tip-Up Light. The tip-up light features the brightest light in the industry, impact resistant, floats, long lasting standard cr2032 battery, an environmentally safe switch (no mercury), and 80,000 hour LED!

How The Night Star Tip-Up Light Works

Universal Mounting Instructions:

  1. Remove the O-ring from the body casing; roll up tip-up flag; slip o-rings over the flag shaft.
  2. Slide the Night Star into the O-rings and arrange it as shown above, so that the flat side of the unit is against the flag shaft: when the flag is down, the Night Star should rest below the flag shaft.
  3. Remove the plastic switch protector from the open end of the unit. The Night Star is now fully operational!


Test the set up to insure that it works properly. You may need to experiment with the unit’s position along the flag shaft, depending on how strong the flag’s spring is. On some tip-ups, it is possible to mount the unit over the flag itself.


The O-rings may be left on the tip-up, and the Night Star removed for storage when not needed. Replace the plastic switch protector when not in use, or store the light in a horizontal position.


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