Hook Holster

Hook Holster


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The Hook Holster is the simplest, most efficient and practical way to safely store and keep hooks in place while transporting or storing tip-ups.

Simply attach your hook holster to your tip–up using the screws provided.

Recommended placement is the center of the tip-up near the flag spring on the side closest to the spindle.

Attach the holster toward the spindle so when the line in wound, the pressure from the hook placed in the holster will be drawn against the spring.

Once tension has been applied against the springs, lock the flag in the spool as normal. The holster will provide enough tension to hold your hook safely in place with a 1/4” of travel to be fully compressed.

Length 3 inches, Width 1.5 inches, Height 1.25 inches

Weight 1.33 oz

Red, Blue

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